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Designed and manufactured to meet rigid safety Standards and Code compliance, Wizard’s line of VRCs are your cost effective solution to provide safe, easy and reliable movement of material from one level to another. Easily installed and maintained the equipment requires minimal valuable floor space and construction.

Use a Wizard Single Mast, Series ND/1000 when:

Capacities are from 500 to 10,000 lbs and Platform Deck areas are 10 to 50 sq/ft

The Wizard Series ND/1220 illustrated is a Single Mast, Free-Standing, Self-Contained, Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor. In the industry this lifting device is commonly referred to as a Cantilever Platform or Material Lift. This type of machinery is governed under ANSI/ASME B20.1 and is intended for the transportation of cargo or material only. Personnel riding this VRC equipment is dangerous and strictly prohibited. Proper signage must be provided with equipment and posted as per code.

Use a Wizard Single Mast, Series ND/2000 when:

Capacities are from 2,000 to 50,000 lbs and Platform Deck areas are 25 to 250 sq/ft

The Wizard Series ND/2220 illustrated is a Twin Mast, free-standing, self-contained, vertical reciprocating conveyor. In the industry this lifting device is also commonly referred to as a Platform or Material Lift. However, the twin supporting mast frames are of a straddle design. Because of this dual platform suspension much larger deck areas and greater load capacities can be provided to suit your vertical material transporting needs.


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