Commercial Vertical Platform Lifts



Enclosure Vertical Platform Lift

The Enclosed Platform Lift (EPL) Series is Harmar’s all-inclusive solution to multi-level access. This lift is the perfect application for both residential and commercial use at a school, university, church, factory, or government building. The Enclosed Platform Lift is a bundled installation that can help ensure you meet code for ADA compliance. It creates an elevator-like shaft with fitted enclosed walls, integrated doors, gates and customizable platform sizes, and a 750 lbs weight capacity. With an extensive accessory portfolio of options, this vertical lift solution makes life a little easier.

Highlander II Models

VPL600 | up to 77” Travel
VPL800 | up to 101” Travel
VPL1000 | up to 125” Travel
VPL1200 | up to 149” Travel
VPL1400 | up to 171” Travel

  • Access from 77″ to 171″  
  • 750lb (340 kg) lifting capacity 
  • ACME screw-driven DC motor 
  • Weather-protected controls and Seal-Kor powder-coated paint 
  • 4″x 5″ constant pressure paddle controls 
  • Safety standard ASME A18.1, Rated Commercial and Residential 
  • Platform options 36″x 48″ or 36″x 54″ clear platform 
  • Overspeed Brake, Overloading Protection 
  • Interlocks for doors/gates  

Bruno Vertical Platform Lifts

Power system: Models VPL-3353B:

Unenclosed Vertical Platform Lift

Access to stages, porches or short distances are common uses of Bruno’s affordable unenclosed vertical platform lift. Verify that local codes allow for an unenclosed wheelchair lift solution. Made in America quality with weather-protected controls for inside or outside applications. 

  • Provides access up to 60″of Travel 
  • 750 lb (340 kg) lifting capacity 
  • Automatic self-lowering folding ramp 
  • Reliable, quiet ACME screw-driven DC motor with continuous charge battery operation 
  • Keyed, constant pressure platform controls; emergency stop and audio/visual alarm 
  • Bottom platform safety panel 
  • Top/bottom limit switches; upper/lower final limit safety switches 
  • Weather-protected controls and powder coated paint 
  • 42″ (1067 mm) high, solid, side platform walls 
  • 36″ x 54″ (914 mm x 1372 mm) non-skid platform 
  • 1/2 hp DC motor (includes 17AH batteries) 
  • Gold Warranty: Two years on major components; one year on parts 

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